A Growing Global Network

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A Growing Global Network

Best time to go for a preventive health care check up is just when you don't need one.


Single laboratory for a 160 million population that processes over 5,000 samples and above 20,000 investigations every day.

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Thyrocare has made right use of the latest available advanced superior technology, capable of working on its unbelievable volumes and yet deliver quality and precision to its customers.

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With best brands of automated analyzers, bar-coded system, bi-directional interfacing, and total laboratory automation - Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited succeeded in delivering quality reports.

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Quality Policy

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of dedication, focus, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

Our Happy Clients

Nusrat Sarmin
Nusrat Sarmin Sr. Marketing Executive at Unicorn Industries Ltd.
A well organized system that helps me a lot. Because it is very difficult for me to avail sometime and to go to annual health screening tests. But now I can have this tests done by sitting at my home. You really give me a relief by taking care of my health in such a manner. I really enjoyed the way your team give me the support at my home. Thank you so much for your kind co-operation. I will surely refer this to my relatives.
Olivia Kinsley
Olivia Kinsley worked at Getlikesonline
I visited Bangladesh recently and one of friend convinced me to visit Thyrocare along with him. As my friend is a health conscious person, he insisted me to seek for an annual health checkup plan. Finally I talked with Thyrocare's consultant and took their Health screening package. I was so amazed with the quick way they responded. They helped me to know my current health conditions in a very wonderful manner and convinced me to learn why it is necessary for a person to go for annual health plan. As I was not a health conscious person before. But now I know its importance and I am convinced enough. I am really overwhelmed with the service they provided. My heartiest thanks to the entire team of Thyrocare.
Lucy Riffat
Lucy Riffat Regional Consultant at V Magic Skin Care 薇美姬-Taiwan
I personally visited and was amazed by the strict monitoring and quality assurance system. As a healthcare provider, I am benefited from their super extraordinary service with highest professionalism, patient-friendly attitude and least waiting time for reports. Now I can do rapid diagnosis of my patients throughout Bangladesh as they have expanded their collection points in 44 districts. Thanks to Thyrocare Bangladesh.
Anwar Hossain
Anwar Hossain Asst HRM& Admine at Unicorn Industried Ltd
I got the best service with least price...thanks for taking care of my health in such a good manner... :) I am pelased to recieve such good service.
Sharif Ahmed
Sharif Ahmed Self-Employed
Being the largest Preventive Diagnostic Health care provider, Thyrocare got a huge potential to alleviate the shocking reality of Bangladesh diagnostic arena.